7 Stages of Water Purification Process 2021

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Nothing is more important than water for living creatures to survive on earth. Is there any substitute for water? Obviously, the answer is no because our body contains 60% water to run its functions. But we’re losing a vast amount of water due to our daily activities. For this reason, the consumption of water is mandatory to keep our bodies active.

But what will happen if you take unhygienic water? I can’t even imagine drinking it as it will damage normal functions in our bodies. So, you should ensure pure and drinkable water before consuming it. Therefore, you should be aware of the purification system. And we’re here to let you know the 7 stages of the water purification process in our detailed guide.

7 Stages of Water Purification Process 2021

However, there’re plenty of RO systems available that come with multi-stage purifications. But we’ve classified them into seven stages that ensure pure and safe water. Let’s know in detail the 7 stages of water purification process.

7 Stages of Water Purification Process

Ion exchange:

So, to get started with the purification process, it comes first. When you’ll collect the water from the city council, some minerals, and other metals exist there. But these steps help to remove these minerals and separate heavy metals.

Then, chemicals like alum are present there to form flocs that attract the dirt particles to let them down at the tank’s bottom.

Sediment Process:

After the completion of the first step, the sedimentation process is running out. When the dirt particles settle in the bottom, flocs also settle there, and sediment filters trap the dirt. And this step helps the equipment not to be polluted.

Carbon Filtration:

In this step, granular carbon comes into action, and the water passes through charcoal, sand, and other filtration elements. So, the process eliminates the dirt that came from the previous sediment filtration. Besides, this filtration system also works to remove pollutants like chlorine, herbicides.

Disinfection process:

Now, the closed tank holds the water that ensures a sterilizing agent, ultraviolet lights. And it is sufficient to kill all the microorganisms from the underground water. When the disinfection process starts its duty, the water flows through pipes where the reverse osmosis process does the rest.

Carbon Filters:

Now the impurities are caught by the filter. Besides, the step also ensures the RO machine protection due to the elimination of pollutants, and only clean water enters the system.

Reverse Osmosis:

It’s not an end, and the water needs to go through another purification system that is known as reverse osmosis. The process uses a semipermeable membrane to remove any impurities for the final stage. And if any dissolve contaminant exists here, reverse osmosis purifies them. Finally, the process ends with mixing good taste in water.

Get Clean and Safe Water:

So, the filtration system is over, and the system has already eliminated all the pollutants properly. Now, it’s time to store the pure and clean water for further uses.

Benefits of 7 Stages of the Water Purification Process

You can’t note down the benefits of pure water in words as it forms our body in a large section. But we’ve included some significant benefits of this water purification process here.

Benefits of 7 Stages of the Water Purification Process

  • It doesn’t matter where you source the water, like the ground, municipal, or others. You should strictly maintain the mechanism to keep us safe from harmful viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms. So, a RO purification system purifies the water through the above 7 stages of And provides you with 100% safe water to drink.
  • You know all metals are not good for the health that exists in the drinking water. There are some heavy metals like iron, arsenic, mercury that are disastrous to consume. And it’s difficult to detect the contaminated metals till the amplified symptoms appear. They can lead you to cancer, damage organs, and other severe health issues. But the reverse osmosis process uses a semipermeable to filtrate even microorganisms to ensure safe and healthy water.
  • If you install a RO purification system at your home, it’ll make the water quality changes. The purifier will change the salty taste of water and add a sweeter taste for consumption. It’ll keep you healthy and hydrated throughout the day.
  • The purifier indeed removes minerals from the water. But it uses a mineral cartridge to add back the essential minerals for health. So, it always ensures the healthy minerals of water like calcium and magnesium.
  • However, the traditional process of purifying water can’t remove the stale smell from the water. But a RO purification system is able to do it in the most effective ways for removing the odor. The carbon filter stands in this regard to polish it finally and enhances the taste of purified water.


So, these are all about 7 stages of water purification process to let you drink the purified water. We shouldn’t compromise the quality of drinking water that is the most vital part of our body. If we overlook the purification system, it’ll inject contaminants and other pollutants into our body that will lead to severe health issues.

So, there is no alternative to drinking safe and clean water to keep safe and healthy. The purification system offers different ways to eliminate all the pollutants that exist in water and harmful to health. We’ve properly decorated our guide with a proper breakdown of the process and the purification process’s benefits.

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