Best Portable UV Water Purifier Reviews of 2021 – Our 4 Picks!

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Water is essential because if you go without it even for three days, it can be fatal. Your day-to-day survival depends mostly on water, unlike food, which you can go for days without as long as you have water. Having clean water is of the utmost priority because it ensures your survival.

If you plan for outdoor activity, you must pack enough water to enable you to endure anything you will face during your adventure. You require the best portable UV water purifier that will give you an adequate supply of uncontaminated water. This ensures your health is well taken care of because the water is toxins free.

How Does UV Water Purifier Work?

A UV water purifier does not work in a complicated manner, as many would think. What it does is purifying water by eliminating contaminants that make water unsafe for consumption. The best part about a UV water purifier is eliminating the tiniest microbes making your water clean and absolutely safe. This water purifier exposes viruses, bacteria,, and other living organisms to UV radiation, preventing them from reproducing.


Using a UV water purifier, you ensure that harmful organisms don’t spread diseases in the water you will consume. With the right UV dosage, any micro-organism present in water is deactivated. This makes Ultraviolet water purification reliable and efficient. The fact that Ultraviolet rays penetrate pathogens attacking their DNA makes UV water purification the most effective in cleaning water. As you can see, a UV water purifier does not use a complicated process to ensure that your water is free from contaminants.

Are Uv Water Purifiers Safe?

UV water purifiers are incredibly safe, for they to kill illness-causing micro-organisms present in your water. This means the water you drink will be safe and clean. UV water purifiers are extremely efficient in disinfecting your water by using Ultraviolet light. Therefore, they don’t cause any harm to you or the environment.

When using a UV water purifier, no chemicals are used, which means water composition is not changed, making it safe. UV water purification does not cause any harm; hence you should not be uncomfortable when using it. Avoid drinking water that may be contaminated with bacteria when a UV water purifier can help you guard yourself against water-borne bacterial diseases.

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LARQ Lightweight Self-Cleaning and Non-Insulated

SteriPen Adventurer Opti UV Water Purifier

American Red Cross Ultralight Purifier

SteriPen Aqua UV Water Purifier

Best Portable UV Water Purifier Reviews 2021

As an avid outdoor person, you require the best portable UV water purifier in the market that will help you hydrate while you are on the move. A UV water purifier that you can carry around offers many conveniences, especially when you get to places where having clean water is scarce. We will discuss the best portable UV water purifiers to give you an easy time when selecting the ideal one. 

1. LARQ Lightweight Self-Cleaning and Non-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle With UV Water Purifier

LARQ Lightweight Self-Cleaning and Non-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle With UV Water Purifier

The LARQ water bottle features UV-C LED light that eliminates 99.9% of bio-contaminants present in your water. This innovative non-toxic mercury-free UV-C LED technology effectively purifies water. It comes with a self-cleaning option that cleans intelligently by the touch of a button. The self-cleaning features activate after every two hours keeping your bottle smelling fresh.

You can easily carry this water bottle because it is the lightweight, meaning you can fill it up with pure water and take it anywhere. The stainless-steel water bottle is non-insulated with single-walled to keep your water at the right temperature. It comes with a USB rechargeable Li-polymer battery that offers long-lasting power to last a month when fully charged.

Use the travel mode to lock your bottle to preserve your battery during the times you are not using it. The Silicone sleeve is not just a look, because it ensures your water bottle is protected and kept safe from bumps. To get the best from this LARQ water bottle, press the cap to enjoy purified water from a self-cleaning bottle.

LARQ Lightweight Features:

  • The LARQ uses innovative non-toxic mercury-free UV-C LED technology to keep your water purified and free from odor-causing bacteria and viruses.
  • A self-cleaning bottle works at the touch of a button to keep your bottle clean by activating after two hours consecutively.
  • This is an ultra-light portable water bottle that is not heavy, meaning you can carry it with you anywhere without wearing you down in terms of weight.
  • It is a non-insulated stainless-steel water bottle designed with a single wall to keep your water at the right temperature to ensure you don’t hydrate. 
  • This water bottle comes with a USB rechargeable Li-polymer battery that gives you enough power to last an entire month once it is fully charged.

2. SteriPen Adventurer Opti UV Water Purifier

SteriPen Adventurer Opti UV Water Purifier

The SteriPEN water purifier uses UV light to kill 99.9% of harmful pathogens present in the water, ensuring that it is safe. This handheld purifier is designed for outdoor adventures and is also reusable to accommodate not less than 8,000 liters of water. Through this water purifier, your water will always be safe to drink because of the inclusion of ultraviolet light technology.

What makes the Adventurer Opti water purifier exceptional is its optical eye that senses the water and, ,illuminates UV light kills 99.9% of water pathogens. It is a UV water purifier that works quickly and effectively without including any chemicals meaning the original water composition is not altered. You will love the handheld system that works efficiently without the need for pumping or consuming filtration time.

This SteriPen Adventurer Opti UV Water Purifier features patent-pending technology, which maintains water purification no matter how cold the water is. It is a lightweight and easy to use a water purifier with a wide-mouthed water bottle for ease of use. This purifier uses rechargeable batteries for its operations and a water sensor acting as an LED flashlight.

SteriPen Adventurer Features:

  • The SteriPEN Adventurer water purifier uses ultraviolet light technology to ensure that the water you are using is clean and safe for drinking.
  • A UV water purifier is chemical-free; thus, it does not change the taste of water, meaning the water composition is not altered.
  • This Adventurer Opti water purifier uses an optical eye to detect the water while using UV light to eliminate 99.9% of harmful pathogens.
  • It comes with a water sensor doubles that also acts as an LED flashlight plus rechargeable batteries that ensure maximum efficiency.
  • A compact handheld water purifier equipped with patent-pending technology meant to purify water no matter how cold.

3. American Red Cross Ultralight Purifier RCP-MP-E American Red Cross Ultralight Purifier

American Red Cross Ultralight Purifier RCP-MP-E American Red Cross Ultralight Purifier

The American Red Cross Purifier features the SteriPEN ultra-violet lamp that effectively kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. This Ultralight purifier has the ability to purify up to 1.0 liters of water in less than 90 secs. It comes with a one-button operation making it easy to use as it delivers up to 8 000 treatments for 8 000 L of purified water.

At only 2.6 oz, this purifier is compact and lightweight, making it portable enough to carry around. It features a USB port that you can use to recharge on the go as long as you have a source of power. Its water-activated sensors usually turn on the moment the lamp is in water, making it active throughout your adventure.

This Red Cross water purifier comes water-activated, making your water safe with a single stir. It is extremely efficient in keeping your water free from water-borne disease-causing pathogens. With this Red Cross water purifier, you can be assured that the water you are taking is not contaminated.

American Red Cross Features:

  • An American Red Cross purifier equipped with a SteriPEN ultra-violet lamp, which kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria, protozoa, and viruses effectively.
  • The ultralight UV purifier works efficiently and fast to purify 1.0 liters of water in less than 90 seconds.
  • It comes with a one-button operation that is easy to use providing 8, 000 treatments that deliver about 8 000 liters of purified water.
  • This is a lightweight and compact water purifier at only 2.6 oz meaning it is portable enough to take it with you anywhere.
  • It is designed with a USB port that you can use to recharge when you get to a place with electricity.

4. SteriPen Aqua UV Water Purifier

SteriPen Aqua UV Water PurifierEliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria, protozoan cysts, and viruses from your water through ultraviolet light found in the SteriPen Aqua UV water purifier. The water treatment used to purify water is chemical-free, meaning the water’s chemical composition will remain unchanged. With this handheld UV water purifier, you can enjoy drinkable water as you go for your outdoor adventures.

The SteriPen water purifier is equipped with lithium AA batteries that are quite long-lasting and disposable. To purify water of 0.5 liters in less than 48 seconds, press the on button and dip the lamp in your water bottle, then stir. Once the treatment process is complete, the lamp automatically shuts off. The lamp can last long enough to achieve up to 3 000 treatments.  

The UV light used in this water purifier works exceptionally well to penetrate the DNA of harmful bacteria, preventing multiplying. Through this water purifier, 1. 0 liters of water gets purified in 90 seconds, making it one of the most effective sanitizing water methods. Consider taking this excellent Aqua UV water purifier to enjoy all its benefits as you carry on with your adventure.

SteriPen Aqua Features:

  • This a water purifier that uses ultraviolet light to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from water. 
  • An Aqua UV water purifier from SteriPEN does not use chemicals to purify water meaning the chemical composition will not be altered. 
  • It is a handheld water purifier portable and lightweight, making it easy to carry for outdoor use.
  • The SteriPen water purifier uses lithium AA batteries that provide enough power for 150 one-liter treatments.
  • It features a lamp that, when placed in water, can purify 0.5 liters of water in 48 seconds and automatically shuts off when the process is complete. 

Uv Water Purifier Vs Ro Water Purifier: Which Is Better?

The increasing water pollution levels have led to the emergence of different water purifiers, including the RO and UV. They are both instilled with water purification technology to keep your water clean and safe for consumption. However, they both come with notable differences that make each of them stand out. 

Let’s look at what makes each different from the other:

Maintenance cost:

You will notice that RO systems need low maintenance costs even though their accessories like filters usually higher maintenance costs.  For a RO purifier to remain in top-notch condition, it has to be serviced regularly. However, in general, the maintenance costs of a RO purifier are low.

UV water purifiers are designed for UV lamps that require replacement annually to keep up its exceptional performance.  Its maintenance costs are a bit higher even though not as high as for RO purifiers.

This makes UV water purifier stand out because of considerable maintenance cost compared to RO purifiers.


The Reverse Osmosis system operates through a semi-permeable membrane that eliminates dissolved salts and germs. Though they can dissolve water salt content, it is not able to kill some bacteria.

Ultra Violet (UV) systems usually use ultraviolet light to penetrate the DNA of harmful bacteria. This does not only kill the harmful pathogens in the water but also ensures they don’t regenerate.

A UV water purifier is exceptionally effective, making it the most outstanding. 

Water usage and wastage:

UV purifiers are designed to eliminate bacteria through UV lamps, meaning you will not incur any water wastage. 

When it comes to a RO purifier, it has to use water at all levels of purification. There will be a high loss of water.

RO purifiers lead to a lot of water wastage, making it quite uneconomical.

Hygiene wise:

Since a UV water purifier kills harmful bacteria in water, it does not remove them altogether, meaning they can be suspended in the water. 

When it comes to the RO water purifier, it kills the bacteria and works efficiently to filter the bacteria. This means there will be no presence of unwanted bodies floating in the water. 

This makes RO purified water extremely hygienic, not like a UV water purifier.

Choosing between a UV water purifier and an RO water purifier may not be that easy, but the UV water purifier is a bit better. Its effectiveness is outstanding, and also it keeps bacteria off your water. UV water purification is not only economical but also environmentally making it a significant investment. However, because the two technologies present their differences, it would be better to understand the pros and cons of the two before making the final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do UV water purifiers really work?

Yes, they do. They are extremely effective in eliminating harmful bacteria making your water clean and safe.

Is UV water safe to drink?

It is relatively safe because it does not alter the chemical composition of water, meaning the taste and smell remains the same. Also, there is no harm caused when using UV on water.

How long does it take for UV light to kill bacteria in water?

UV light takes an average of ten seconds to kill bacteria and any other harmful micro-organisms.

Final Thought

Finding the best portable UV water purifier comes in handy, especially if you are an avid outdoor person. It may not be easy getting access to clean water while camping or hiking; that is why you need a portable water purifier. It ensures that the water you will consume all day is purified, meaning it will not have any contaminants. 

The SteriPen Adventurer Opti UV Water Purifier is the best portable UV water purifier that I can highly recommend due to its exceptional features.  By using its purifier ultraviolet light technology, it ensures your water is entirely free from harmful pathogens. It does not use chemicals; hence it will not change the composition of water. 

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