Difference Between Filtration and Purification: Which is Best 2021?

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It’s not an easy task to differentiate between purification and filtration at a first glance. So, we often misunderstand the concept while making the water drinkable with multiple cleaning processes.

Purification is essential to remove unwanted particles from the contaminated water as the sourced water isn’t totally safe to drink. Though both processes have the same duties, there’s a technical difference between filtration and purification. And you’ll know the rest at the end, which one is better for purification.

Difference Between Filtration and Purification – What’s the Difference?

Let’s face the battle and discuss the difference between filtration and purification. Though the basic duty is to purify water in both processes, there’s the difference that we’ve discussed here.

Difference Between Filtration and Purification

What is it?


Filtration is a process to remove dirt from the sourced water through physical, chemical, and other technical ways.

However, a filter is a more advanced and sophisticated way to diminish bacteria and other sediments from the water. And there are multiple ways in a filter to detect viruses and microorganisms and restrict their paths.

Precisely, we use a filter to make the water safe and clean. So, if you use a normal filter, there’s a doubt to make the water drinkable. However, carbon and sediment filters are common types that we often use in our houses and offices.


Purification is similar to water filtration where the process also adds some additional steps to kill the viruses. Like, mixing bleach powder and chlorine would be examples of purification without filtration.

All of these cases are able to kill microorganisms but can’t remove the physical contaminants. Precisely, boiling water can leave the impurities left behind as it makes the water evaporate.

So, water purification is a mandatory step, whether the source of water is. If the water is purified but not filtered, it might leave a sand grittiness. Besides, it doesn’t contain harmful bacteria and viruses that can affect you.

What Are the Advantages?

Though both of them emphasize the water cleanliness to make it drinkable, they‘ve other benefits as well. We’ve listed multiple applications that filtration and purification provide.

What Are the Advantages Filtration


  • Often, it doesn’t cost you more than a water purification system.
  • The process is able to eradicate very harmful elements like mercury, and of course, they should be avoided for health.
  • However, you can easily change the carbon cartridges.
  • The system is easily replaceable as all of the parts like pitches and sinks are available in local markets.
  • It’s a convenient service for


  • It provides bacteria and virus free drinkable water after some chemical process.
  • It comes with some easy steps for cleaning dirt.
  • The process helps to digest food properly.
  • Purification properly eliminates harmful elements from the water.

What Are the Disadvantages?

However, both of the systems come with undeniable advantages when you install them in your house, and they’ve some disadvantages too.


  • The system may provide a slow output of water in terms of filter types.
  • Maintenance is often required, like sanitization.
  • There are limited methods of infiltration.


  • High-maintenance is required
  • Some pesticides are left in this process.
  • However, you won’t find the same pH level in purified water.


Have you got the difference between filtration and purification? So, if you’re planning to purchase a water system, then you’ll find several options available on the market. However, many of us suggest the water purification system because of some methods like reverse osmosis.

The purification system step will ensure healthy and safe water for your cooking and other household chores. So, it’s mandatory to know your needs and which system is going to soothe you.

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