Ionic Spa Review (Update 2021): Lonic Foot Cleanse Machine

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One thing that you probably don’t know is that the water you used in your shower may contain harmful toxins and chemicals. That will directly affect your hair and skin. As a result, your hair will fall and your skin gets dry. I’ve also been fighting with skin and hair related problems for a very long time.

Then I’ve consulted with a doctor and the doctor tells me that the water I’m using is the main reason that I’ve been suffering from this problem.  To get rid of these problems, I’ve tried a lot of solutions. Below in this IOnic Spa Review, I’m going to show you one of the finest shower heads that helps me to get rid of these problems.

What is IOnic Spa Shower Head?

The IOnic Spa Shower Head is an innovatively designed showerhead that is constructed with very strong bioactive minerals. There is a filter system in this spa head that clears all types of chlorine and hardness from the water. As a result, the cleansing power of the spa head increases that allows you to maintain the moisture of your skin and hair more effectively.

What is IOnic Spa Shower Head

People who live in an area of hard water are the people who’ll be highly benefited from this showerhead. The advanced technology of this showerhead ensures soften water by filtering the water with its powerful mechanism.  One of the best sides of this spa head is it is able to filter 99% of harsh chemicals and toxins like chlorine from the water.

The powerful bioactive-minerals primarily filter all the water that goes through the showerhead.  The showerhead is equipped with a Vitamin-C cartridge that filters the water and removes fluorides, chlorine, and any other harmful-substances. By using this shower head, you’ll get healthy hair and moisturized skin.

Special Benefits and Key Features of Ionic Spa Shower

The huge popularity of Ionic Spa Shower is its unique and specialized design that provides a lot of benefits to its user.   Now here in this IOnic Spa Review, I’m going to show you some special features and benefits of this shower-head that I’ve observed by myself.

Special Benefits and Key Features of Ionic Spa Shower

It Cares About Your Health:

The Ionic Spa Showerhead is designed with high-quality metal and an internal Vitamin C+E cartridge filter system. This rain shower head is equipped with a 15-stages filter that gives you an amazing feeling of a shower with its advanced filtration technology. Every time I take my shower under this IOnic Spa, I feel like I’m taking shower with fountain water. 

Purify the Hard Water:

The advanced filtration system of this spa showerhead softens the hard water and removes 99% of harsh chemicals and toxins from the water. Such as chlorine, rust, sediments, sand, etc. After installing this in my bathroom, I’m already started to enjoy its benefits. Especially, It helps me a lot to overcome the problem that I’ve been suffering from hard and harsh water. 

Revitalizing Body:

Ionic Spa Showerhead is equipped with various filtration systems to make sure the best quality water purification. Such as KDF-55, Calcium-sulfite, Activated Carbon, Alkaline Ceramic-Balls, and many more filtering materials.

Easy Installation:

You don’t have to learn anything special or ask for someone’s help, to connect the Ionic Spa Showerhead in your bathroom. It’ll take less than a minute to install the showerhead. It easily fits in all types of a standard shower, including rainfall, handheld, and wall-mounted showers.

Different Modes:

The Ionic Spa Showerhead has 3-different modes. And, it allows you to choose any of them that you like. It has rainfall, massage, and jet modes to give you various feelings while taking your shower. All these modes will give you different feelings when taking a shower but I love the massage mode most. 

Improve Your Hair:

When you take shower with hard water, your hair gets frizzy, as a result, it gets broken. In such a condition, hair-fall becomes a common thing for you. The negative ion technology of the Ionic Spa Showerhead helps you to fix this problem by removing the hardness from the water that you used. It’s true that after installing this shower head in my bathroom, I’ve less hair fall than previous. 

The iOnic Spa Shower Has Arrived

While coming from outside, gym, or completing any hard work, you want to take a shower to remove all the harmful elements or substances from your skin. But the pathetic truth is your regular shower head can’t complete this job the way you’re hoping. You have to go for something that can purify and soften the water that you’re using.

The iOnic Spa Shower Has Arrived

There comes the IOnic Spa Shower.  This showerhead is designed uniquely with advanced technology. It uses a different filtration system to purify and soften the water. To customize and get the best from your showerhead it brings 3-different settings for you. Such as rainfall, massage, and jet spray. You can use any of the following modes as per your choice. I can bet you that you’ll love all these modes because each mode has its special characteristics with a super relaxing ability.  

What Does The IOnic Spa Shower Do?

The main task of any shower head is to accelerate your hygiene level. But not all the showerheads can help you to maintain the same level of hygiene, some do better than others. Let me explain about the IOnic Spa Shower. It is a uniquely designed showerhead that comes with advanced technology to give you a better shower feeling.

What Does The IOnic Spa Shower Do

Inside of this showerhead, there are bio-active stones that filter water and purify the water before it contacts your skin. It not only softens the water but also controls the pH level of the water in a manner that is effective for your skin. Because of its advanced filtration systems, you’ll get a smoothie touch from the softened water.

The fresh and pure water helps to improve your skin and makes your hair stronger. The IOnic Spa Shower nozzle is designed with advanced technology that pushes the water through a little denser holes. Because of this, the pressure of the water increased by 200%. A study on the user of this IOnic Spa Shower shows that the average time people take with this saves 30% of the water.

How To Use IOnic Spa Shower?

The using process of the IOnic Spa Shower is very easy and simple. After purchasing the shower head it’ll just take a couple of minutes to install and use it. Let me tell you how simple it is, once you get the showerhead package, open it, and install it on your shower.

How To Use IOnic Spa Shower

There are 3-different modes you can enjoy with IOnic Spa Shower. They are Rainfall, massage, and jetting. You’ll find a control switch on the side that allows you to change the spraying pattern. You can select any pattern as per your demand.

What Makes Ionic Spa Shower So Revolutionary?

The unique design, multiple spray modes, advanced filtration system makes the Ionic Spa Shower a revolutionary showerhead. It comes with a compact shape that gives it an ordinary look.

What Makes Ionic Spa Shower So Revolutionary

The filters are replaceable so you can change them when they are unable to provide you the exact amount of service. It’s the best choice for people who look for a universal shower head. Because you can use it as rain, handheld, and fixed showers and enjoy the same service.

Ionic Spa Shower Helps You Avoid Health Issues?

The Ionic Spa Shower is equipped with KDF-55, activated carbons, and calcium sulfite. To purify the water with the multi-stage filtration system for cold and hot both water.

Ionic Spa Shower Helps You Avoid Health Issues

This filter system helps to remove 99% of toxins and any harsh chemicals from the water, like chlorine, bacteria, algae, fungi, etc. Below in this column, I’m going to show you some health issues that you can avoid with Ionic Spa Shower.

Respiratory Problem:

While you’re taking a shower under the showerhead, the steam spread all around you. Which may contain harmful toxins or chemicals that can enter your body through your nose.

As a result, you may suffer breathing problems. But when you use an Ionic Spa Shower it filters the water before it contacts you and you will always get pure water.

Dry Skin-Problem:

If you use Chlorine, bacteria, and ammonia containing water, you will suffer several skin-related problems. Dry skin is one of the biggest symptoms. Sometimes dry skin also causes itching or rash.

Study shows that 65% of skin problems occur because of chlorine. With the Ionic Spa Showerhead, you can filter the water and reduce this problem.

How Can I Buy The iOnic Spa Shower?

To get the Ionic Spa Shower, click on the link that I’ve included below this segment. It’ll take you to the main website of the Ionic Spa Shower. By going through this link you can activate the current promo offer and get a 50% discount on your purchase. You’ll also get free shipping around the world.

How can I buy the iOnic Spa Shower

Frequently Asked Question

Before getting the product while reading this IOnic Spa Review, there are some common questions that may arise in your curious mind. Down this segment, I’ve included some questions and their answers that people most of the time want to know about this product.

Are ionic shower heads any good?

The regular showerhead generates negative ions naturally while moving the water. But the Ionic Spa Showerhead is able to generate more. As a result, you’ll get a better shower with more satisfaction and mental improvement.

How can I soften my shower water?

There are various ways to soften your shower water but the easiest one is using resin-beads that are also known as Ion-Exchange. It requires a high amount of resin more than the capacity of the shower filter. Besides, it is necessary to regenerate the resin with salt water.

Are shower filters worth it?

If you care about your skin  & hair then shower filters are really worth its value. A shower filter effectively removes all the sediments, harsh-chemicals, toxins, etc from your water which is very harmful to your hair and skin.

What is an ion spa?

It is a showerhead that delivers its user an ion spa while taking a bath. Within a 30-minutes soothing treatment, you can re-balance the body by eliminating all the toxins from it.

Why shower filters are necessary?

Without a shower filter, the water you will use may contain chlorine, chemicals, and other harmful toxins that dangerously damage your skin and hair. But when you use a shower filter it removes all those harmful elements and protects your skin and hair from potential danger.

How do I adjust my water pressure?

To adjust the water pressure, you need to place the jaws of your wrench on the adjustment screw nut. Now direct the screw clockwise to increase the speed of the water and to decrease the water speed, direct the adjustment screw counterclockwise.

Can a shower head increase water pressure?

Some showerheads are designed to fix the low water pressure, those shower heads are highly effective for increasing water pressure with the same water flow. Some latest designed shower-head come with an air-in chamber that puts force on the water to increase the pressure.

My Final Verdict

At the end of this IOnic Spa Review, you’ve learned about one of the finest showerheads to purify your shower water.  That will help you a lot to protect your hair & skin from all kinds of potential damage.

If you’re living in an area of hard water then Ionic Spa Shower is the ultimate choice for you. It softens and filters the water and provides you pure, chemical, and toxin-free water. You can use 3-different modes with this shower head and enjoy the best of it.

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