Learn About UV Water Purification Disadvantages

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UV water purifiers disinfect water and make it free from harmful bacteria and viruses using UV technology. It does not require you to use any chemical to sanitize your drinking water. But it needs electricity to run the purifier machine. Thus, a UV water purifier provides you with the purest water for your consumption.

Before you head over to bring any UV water purifier at home, it is essential to understand the UV water purification disadvantages. As you know that anything in the world has its benefits and drawbacks. However, through this article, I will not tell you the advantages of a UV water purifier but its disadvantages. It will help you to use the UV water purifier comfortably at home without any issues.

Do Uv Water Purifiers Really Work?

Yes, UV water purifiers work to purify your drinking water at home or office. It can kill the harmful bacteria and viruses from your drinking water. UV radiation can perform better when it comes to purifying water by eliminating microorganisms like viruses and bacteria. But it would be best if you did not solely depend on the UV water purifiers because it is not enough to clean water and make it drinkable.

If there are other contaminants such as heavy metals, Chlorine, and VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) in water, a UV water purifier may not eliminate these elements. In this case, you can make a good pair with the Reverse Osmosis System that can provide you with complete purification and the safest drinking water.

Uv Water Purification Advantages

When you opt for cleaning and sanitizing your drinking water with a UV water purifier, you need to consider it’s both merits and demerits. Because the advantages and disadvantages of anything under the sun go hand in hand; thus, a UV water purifier must have its benefits as well. Let me describe the advantages here one by one with a short and precise description. If you want to purify water at home, you should read the whole house UV water filtration system reviews.

Uv Water Purification Disadvantages


It should be the most beneficial feature of a UV water purifier. As you don’t need to use any chemical to purify your drinking water, there should not be any heavy chemicals like Chlorine left by-products in water. These leftover chemicals can cause potential harm to you. You might suffer from associated diseases often.

Taste and odor-free:

While purifying water with a UV water purifier, it never releases any chemical taste or odor to the water. Therefore, it remains as it is without any added taste that might further ruin drinking water’s desire.

Extremely effective:

A UV water purifier is very effective when there are disease-causing microorganisms like viruses and bacteria. It can kill up to 99.99% of microbes from the water you will purify with the purification system. UV radiation technology never leaves any microorganisms in the water.

Little energy requires:

You might be thinking that a UV water purifier requires enormous energy, and you may need to spend more. But the thing is not as difficult as you think because it needs little energy as much as a 60-Watt bulb consumes.

Low maintenance:

Without changing the UV bulb each year, there are not many things to take care of. Yes, you can install the UV water purifier at home or office and forget it. But proper maintenance and care will increase its longevity and effectiveness.

Uv Water Purification Disadvantages

As I have already discussed all the advantages, now is the time to tell you about the disadvantages of UV water purification. Yes, like other things around you, it has also demerited. Without further ado, let’s jump into the advantages you might face if you have a UV water purifier at home.

UV water purification disadvantages

Leaves dissolved impurities:

A UV water purifier can purify water fast but cannot remove some dissolved impurities in water. It can kill viruses and bacteria but not eliminate some heavy metals and impurities such as rust, fluoride, arsenic, pesticides, and more.

Requires electricity:

It needs a constant electricity supply to run the purifiers all the time. It is also essential to keep the machine running all the time. If your area has frequent load shedding, it will not be able to purify the water. Also, there is no storage tank where you can keep fresh and clean water after purifying in a UV water purifier.

Not effective on muddy water:

A UV water purifier cannot purify muddy water, and it is not so significant to do it. If you want to purify muddy water, you have to pre-filter the water first, then refine it. So, you require another water filter system for the pre-purification.

Pre-filtered water is needed:

The water you are going to purify with a UV water purifier needs to be clean. Because it can provide UV radiation that can remove the bacteria and viruses from your water, therefore, it should be clean before you put it into the UV water purifier. You can consider a reverse osmosis system to pre-filter the water you want to make it drinkable.

UV radiation never stops:

It is a continuous process of purifying your water in the UV water purifier. If you want to turn it off for some time, microbes will grow again. You need to rerun the device and wait for a while until it kills all the microbes from the water. That’s why; you need to keep the water purifier running all the time.

Final Verdict

The guide will help you to figure out a UV water purifier’s merits and demerits. You might have already understood the UV water purification disadvantages clearly. Then, it will be beneficial for you to use a water purifier at home or office.

If you have a continuous electric supply in your area, you should consider a UV water purifier. It will provide you fresh, contaminant-free, and germ-free water if you can combine it with a reverse osmosis system.

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