Learn About UV Water Purification System In 2021

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Are you looking for the best water purification system? UV water purification system offers a safe and economical way of treating water to use at home. Many homeowners and towns have adopted this technology, and it is working well; you should too.

Several water purification methods like water chlorination, sedimentation, and flocculation remove dissolved particles, heavy metals, and other compounds. However, they are not effective in removing pathogenic disease-causing microorganisms found in water. This is where purifying water through UV comes in.

What Is The UV Water Purification System?

A UV water purification system is a type of water purifier that uses ultraviolet rays to eliminate microorganisms found in water. This system kills microorganisms such as bacteria, algae, viruses, protozoa, cyst, mold, etc. The system uses a chemical-free procedure and does not leave any potentially harmful by-products in the water.


This is the entire system used for water treatment. It consists of:

  1. UV lamp that emits radiation. The lamp fuels by the use of germicidal lamps or mercury vapor in the form of little beads. Occasionally, you will see these beads rotating in the lamp.
  2. Transparent glass quartz sleeve to allow penetration of light and water disinfection. It also protects the UV lamp from water, which does not react so well with electricity.
  3. Stainless steel chamber that holds the water while it is being purified.
  4. O-rings to seal the whole system.

When Buying An Ultraviolet Water Purification System, Consider The Following

Water quality: If the water in your home is hard (contains dissolved solids), a UV purifier may not be the best option. UV purifiers cannot remove inorganic salts from the water.

How contaminated is the water? A UV purifier will clear only contamination from living organisms. If the water is contaminated by heavy metals such as arsenic, nitrate, copper, or magnesium, do not use a UV water purifier.

Availability of electricity: UV water purifiers rely on electricity to work. You only need to switch on the electricity, and the system purifies water instantly. This means that a lack of electricity supply or frequent power outages prevents the system from working. Hence, UV water purifying systems may not work in areas without electricity.

Water pressure: low water pressure works well with a UV purifier. This is because water will pass slowly through the system, thereby allowing enough time for the UV rays to kill all the microorganisms.

Cost of purchase and maintenance: the initial cost of a UV purifier is affordable, and so is the maintenance cost. However, ensure you buy a system that falls within your budget.

Does Uv Water Purification Work?

Yes, it works. An ultraviolet water purification system has a UV light source with a radiation output of about 254 nanometers. This intensity is significantly greater than that produced by natural sunlight. This radiation is strong enough to kill the DNA of all microorganisms and bacteria that pass through the light lamp.

An ultraviolet water purifier works because impure water comes out 99% pure after passing through the system. However, this may not necessarily mean that the water is safe for drinking. UV light does not kill particles that may have dissolved in the water. You will need to pass the water through a different purification method to clean and safe for drinking and cooking.

How Does Ultraviolet Water Purification Work?

The science behind UV water purification is not complex. The water is stored in a separate tank from which you draw into the purification system’s chamber. It is in the stainless steel chamber that light radiation passes through the water.

Keep in mind that the tank’s water must be free from any particles, mud, or sediments. Uv rays do not destroy these impurities, and therefore, water will still be impure even after passing through the system.

While in the chamber, the water is exposed to high radiation from UV light. The UV light kills all the bacteria in the water. The DNA in the bacteria or virus will be destroyed depending on the intensity of the UV rays passing through the water. How long the water passes through the system is also crucial as it determines whether the microorganism will be killed or not.

Once destroyed, the microorganism can no longer reproduce or spread. This means it can no longer cause an infection, hence making the water safe.

The rate at which water flows through the chambers determines if the bacteria will be destroyed. Different microorganisms require different UV intensities for them to be inactivated. How long the bacteria will be exposed to UV light depends on the water flows rate.

You must be careful when buying an ultraviolet water purification system. Most manufacturers have systems that offer different dosages of UV radiation.

How Much Power Does A Uv Water Filter Use?

Most water treatment systems are sold for residential water purification purposes. For this reason, your needs will determine which kind of system to buy and how much power to use. Most systems come with different water purifying capabilities.

The source bulb for UV rays uses approximately 60watts of electrical power. This is almost equivalent to how much power a light bulb normally uses.

The purification system requires a certain dosage of UV energy to deactivate certain living organisms in the water. The UV energy used is measured in mill joule per square centimeter (mJ/cm2). If your system is for home use, 30mJ/cm2 is standard. For commercial applications, use UV lamps that emit as much as 40mJ/cm2.

60 watts of electrical power should support the standard UV energy levels needed to kill bacteria, protozoa, and viruses in water.

Final Thought

With increased industrialization, you cannot be sure about water purity that flows into your home. Industries release toxic substances into the environment. In one way or another, these end up in the water supply system.

By purifying water with UV light, you prevent life-threatening diseases and conditions caused by chemical water purification. Get the best UV water purification system to protect your family from water-borne diseases.

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