UV water purifier vs. reverse osmosis: Which One Is Right For You?

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Reverse osmosis and UV water purifiers are the most-used tools for purifying drinking water. These are active against all ill-causing viruses, bacteria, germs, and other contaminants. These two pieces of crucial equipment ensure safe and hygienic water circulation by eliminating all the dissolved microorganisms.

But the problem often happens when an unaware consumer goes to purchase those. They can hardly determine the perfect one at the first attempt. If you’re on the same boat, you must stay here for a while to know the in-depth difference between UV water purifier vs. reverse osmosis.

Uv Water Purifier Vs. Reverse Osmosis: What’S The Difference?

As our primary goal is to describe the core distinction of  UV water purifier vs. reverse osmosis; hence we’re going to break into everything in-detail in this crucial section. You find an obvious comparison of those purifiers and choose the ideal one after reading the following section.

UV Water Purifier Vs. Reverse Osmosis

1. What Is It?

UV water purifier:

The UV water purifier is the most effective tool to remove impurities and contaminants from the water. It can rectify water within a short time using the ultraviolet ray. With the inclusion of some advanced filters and functionalities, it soon manages the water out of all dangers.

Reverse osmosis:

Reverse osmosis is a proven and comprehensively used tool for sanitizing water. It can remove all the waterborne viruses, bacteria, germs, dust, and other particles very effectively. The composition of some technical features and materials can deactivate the typical operation of microorganisms in water.

2. When To Use?

UV water purifier:

To eliminate all the harmful particles from the water, you should utilize a UV water purifier at the correct time in the exact method. You need to note that the UV water purifier works well on lower (TDS) water. If your water circulation contains less total dissolved solids, approximately less than 300 PPM, you can use it at once. For the muddy water, you can take cooperation from a pre-filter to separate dirt-particles.

Reverse osmosis:

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is the best option for the highest (TDS) water. It can effectively work against high (TDS) and eliminate all the microorganisms forcefully. It can take action instantly against ill-causing particles due to its advanced filtration system. In a word, you have to use reverse osmosis when the (TDS) ratio is more than 300 PPM.

3. How Does It Work?

UV water purifier:

UV water purifier predominantly works on the ultraviolet ray to rectify water. The UVC rays are varied in three types: sun tanning rays, sun burning rays, and germicidal qualities. To eliminate contaminants, these rays are passed through a chamber containing a UV lamp.

Reverse osmosis:

Reverse osmosis accumulates some technological features to deactivate microorganisms from the water. Through a semipermeable membrane, it involves forcing water to accomplish the purification process. Most notably, it performs the water sanitizing adventure using water pressure.

4. Maintenance Hassles And Costs

UV water purifier:

You need to take proper care of your appliances to have long time service. Hence maintenance is a vital part that needs to be done. If you own a quality UV water purifier, you must keep a sharp eye on maintaining service. In this case, you have to take servicing several electrical components at times.

UV water purifier

Moreover, it may need replacement of lamps, filters, and other materials in a particular period. No doubt, it will cost a lot, but not more than the average scale.

Reverse osmosis:

When it comes to reverse osmosis maintenance, you can feel the tension as it takes lower money. You don’t need to maintain the reverse osmosis components often as it comes with advanced design. But sometimes, you have to change the cartridge and membrane to keep it active all along.

5. Power Consumption

UV water purifier:

The UV water purifiers are highly accessible to all due to the lower power consumption facility. As it works with regular tap water pressure, it needs lower electricity to carry on its execution. Moreover, all the attached components of this tool are highly energy-saver than other air purification systems.

Reverse osmosis:

Reverse osmosis is known for its extensive power consumption characteristics. It needs a higher power to push water through the membrane. Moreover, it uses vast energy to boost water pressure during the rectifying period. Hence, you must cost comparatively high money if you manipulate this purifier. You will find some energy-saving features to reverse osmosis as well.

6. Time To Purify

UV water purifier:

The performance of a water purifier relies on the total time of purification. You can’t spend too much time finding rectified water during working hours. In this case, the UV water purifier can be your best option as it delivers safe water in less time. By managing zero water-wastage, it will provide you with hygienic water within a few minutes.

Reverse osmosis:

You have to wait for a while to find thoroughly safe and secure water from reverse osmosis. It takes much time to work on due to its several water passing stages. But it will ensure the optimal rectifying advantage over other purifiers.

Uv Water Purifier Vs Reverse Osmosis: Which One Is Right For You?

After having a thorough observation of the UV water purifier vs reverse osmosis, you may have figured out which one is ideal for you. If you’re still in a dilemma and not finding an ultimate solution, we love to guide you more.


From all the viewpoints, we think the UV water purifier will be right for you. You find instant water sanitizing scope with less power consumption through it. Moreover, it will manage you the optimal water purification outcome than any other purifier.

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Final Verdict

UV water purifier vs reverse osmosis; which one is best? All new consumers are asking as such. As you’ve found a clear overview of this topic, we hope you can select the perfect one for you. Whenever you manage a quality, durable, and cost-efficient purifier, you will be highly benefited in the long run.

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