Which Water Purifier is Good for Home?

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To live a healthy life, you have to drink fresh, clean, and healthy water. You cannot drink unsafe water and stay healthy at all. In this era where everything is getting polluted, getting pure water for drinking is not that easy. A lot of people are now using water purifiers to clean the water and ensure safe drinking water.

However, which water purifier is good for home?. If you fail to choose the right one, your purifier will surely not provide you with safe drinking water at all. So make sure you know which purifier will be better for your home.

Why Do You Need a Water Purifier?

We, humans, are polluting the environment. However, drinking clean and safe water is a must. You cannot get safe water at home without purchasing mineral water, which is costly. To save money and get a continuous clean water supply for drinking, cooking, and other clinical tasks, you have to use a water purifier.


It will trap all the large and small particles and the chemicals and bad smells and deliver fresh and safe water for you. As a result, you can stay free from the risks of some chronic diseases caused by contaminated water. Besides, it improves the taste of the water and saves you a lot of money. To get all those benefits, you have to have a water purifier.

Which Water Purifier is Good for Home?

Now the question comes which water purifier is good for home? Well, the market has a lot of types of purifiers. You need to know the type of those and find out the right one for you.

The first type is the UV water purifier. It comes with a UV lamp. When the water passes through, the lamp generates UV light that kills the germs and other microns from water. You will get a portable UV water purifier as well for your home use. If your home water has germs and bacteria, then this type of purifier will be good.

Sometimes, your home water may contain large particles. In that case, you may use an Ultrafiltration air purifier since this will remove the large particles from the water. On the other hand, if the water contains slightly smaller particles, you should consider choosing the RO water purifier. It features an RO membrane that removes those particles from the water.

Moreover, there are carbon filters available that can effectively capture the bad odor and chemical as well. That means if your water contains any chemical and bad smells, then you should go for the carbon filter purifier. However, make sure all of those purifiers have a sediment filter. This is a pre-filter that will help your purifier collect large particles at first and then purify it.

How to Find the Best Water Purifier for Your Home?

Among those various options, you have to be careful and follow these tips to find out the best one for your home.

Water quality:

First of all, you need to check your home’s water quality and what particles or chemicals are inside the water. It will help match the type of purifier with the water. If you fail to check the water quality, you may choose the wrong purifier.

Look for carbon filter:

If you are unsure whether your water has some harmful bacteria or germs, or chemicals, make sure you have chosen a purifier that comes with a carbon filter and other filters. You will find several purifiers in the market with carbon filters.

Storage capacity:

Since you are using it for the home, you may need a good amount of water every day. For that, you have to use a purifier with a large capacity. So know the storage capacity of the purifier and compare it with your water demand.

After-sale service:

Also, check whether the company offers after-sales service or not. Anytime the purifier may stop performing. If the after-sale service of the company you have chosen is not good enough, you may suffer in the long run.

Final Verdict

Now you know which water purifier is good for home. If you do not pick the best purifier for your home, it will not remove the bad things from the water. As a result, you and your family may suffer from water contaminated diseases and other chronic diseases.

We have discussed the details above about the type of water purifier and how you can choose the right one. If you can follow those tips, you can choose a good purifier for your home and family to keep them safe.

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